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All this (deluge of) Data – is it really impacting our life?

Deepti Dilip J | Director – Marketing & Communications, Ashnik
Singapore, 10 Jul 2014

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Yes? Or no? There is not one answer to that, but several. Because Data is influencing our lives in many, many amazing ways.

Data has been always present, just at smaller magnitudes. Today with all the machine generated data through our everyday actions, on-the-go social media patterns, buying, moving, dealing, searching and hordes of other activities – tons of data is created, round the clock. And all this of data, created by millions of us, is recognised now by its more familiar name – Big Data. Some say, Big Data is just another buzzword, a catch-phrase or a trend that will be dead in the next few years. In fact, quite the contrary. Big data is now all grown up, gone beyond its initial hype and spun into a solid, constructive force. And if not already, in the near future, every aspect of our life will be touched by big data.

It is in fact becoming the seventh-sense for enterprises across the planet. To any businesses small or big – Data is always the damsel in distress. Because this data is what helps a business to go beyond just connecting with their end customers. It keeps an eye on customer behaviour patterns, changing preferences, making real-time information available to effectively increase customer participation. In short, it helps companies discover stronger connections with customers and find leaner ways of operating. All with just skilful and constructive analytics of that precious data!

But it’s just not about business entities who analyse big data, anymore. Talk about most industries today, you’ll see how they use this phenomenon to go several steps ahead in refining our lives and technologies. Say healthcare, science and research to sports, law enforcement to fixing everyday crisis – Big data is today empowering technology to turn the tables on traditional modes and means.

Imagine a world, in which we can accelerate economic growth, control air pollution and reduce energy consumption, predict effects of climate change, identify looming illnesses even before we get them, or track life-threatening ailments before they worsen, where a hearty meal, thanks to technology, is cooked to perfection before you get home, to predict tomorrow’s music hits, become a game-changer for sports, or even help reduce the risk of terrorist attacks! A world made simpler with the best use of data and technology. And certainly, there are many more purposes of big data which will see the day, when their channels become widespread.

In essence, data when efficiently analyzed – will help us foresee, correct and prepare for many advancing events and challenges. And these are not just theories on paper, but actual instances of the big wave coming our way.

Indeed, unchaining the abilities of Big Data seem like a puzzle to some, and also an opportunity. Large data sets and clever analytics can create new products, enhance existing services, minimalize risks, radically improve decision-making, and produce valuable insights to create innovative solutions. The next few years will see a gratifying peak for Big Data in terms of technology, innovation and overall socioeconomic impact.

I’d say, we are just plain lucky to belong to a generation who’s going to live this giant transformation. Big Data is here to change your world and mine, big time!

– Deepti Dilip Jobanputra I Marketing and Communications Head, Ashnik 

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  • As the Marketing and Communications Director, Deepti oversees brand strategies, marketing initiatives and digital platforms at Ashnik for Southeast Asia and India. Drawing inspiration from her advertising experience, she brings to Ashnik her zest for creativity and design. She splits her time between a full-time gig at her job, lots of hobbies and dodging her 4-year old's odd tantrums.

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