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Belly rules your mind – Curb those cravings

Riddhi Shah I Digital Marketing Manager, Ashnik
India, 9 Jun 2016
Riddhi Shah

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You have that deadline on at work, exhausted and you just want to open that stashed chips and cookies in the cabinet!! Sounds familiar? Oh yes, all the  time. You somehow convince yourself that eating those chips or that chocolate is exactly what you need to get through your deadlines. We all enjoy a handful of them, but emptying an entire bag of chips in a mere hour or so, is killer. But it is really not your fault, because food and cravings affect your brain the way you never thought.

Every time you eat that bagful of chips which are high in calories and fats, your body stores it in the body with an understanding that it is not sure about the next meal. Hence, our brains support and reward this kind of eating. They help in releasing powerful chemicals such as endorphins, which make us feel pleasure, and dopamine, which encourages us to keep that munching on. But the ultimate shocker is that giving in to those cravings can actually alter your brain. A lot has to be with the psychology than the biology of your body’s ecosystem. The only way to save yourself from this is to be more alert and learn how to curb your cravings with these few tricks.

  • Understand what triggers the cravings: It’s a great practice to take be more watchful and take notes of your day’s whereabouts and what were you up to when those monstrous craving showed up. For all you know, that cupcake shop on your way to work or that advertisement bill board flashing about the new dessert joint might be great contributors for your cravings. Simple, change the route to your work :)
  • Make your own schedule: Don’t deprive yourself from any of this appetizing food, just plan it well. Make your own schedules to go about your food during the day. Some days you might as well indulge yourself in a donut or a small burger. The more you try staying away, the more you will be drawn towards it. So set your meal and snack times to avoid the mindless eating.
  • Lessen that coffee: Too much caffeine can cause sugar craving. So, cut down your coffee to a maximum of two cups and it would be a great idea to pair them with protein from almonds. It helps to keep your energy level steady, and more importantly keeping you light.
  • Trick your mind: Don’t give in at the first calling from those hunger pangs. Test your mind. Consciously wait for another 10 mins, and if you still want it then just take a very little portion and wait for the next 10 mins. Most likely, you won’t extend your hand for another cookie. Another master idea, how does the thought of satisfying that hunger pang with an apple sound? Not good? That great then, if you can’t eat an apple, you are certainly not hungry. Road to enlightenment? :)
  • No more guilt eating: You had a bagful of chips in the morning, a packet full of cookies and that boxful of cupcakes in your day, and now you eat yourself alive for the guilt. To get over the guilt, you indulge into emotional eating even more. Linking food with guilt or negative emotions can cause a snowball effect. Just tell yourself, I am gone for a whole week.

These few tricks certainly helped me a great deal and still goes a long way. Hope they can help you too!

– Riddhi Shah I Digital Marketing Manager, Ashnik

Passionate about Content Marketing, Riddhi looks after innovative content marketing strategies through the digital platforms at Ashnik for SEA and India. She aims at continuously working towards taking Ashnik to the next level by increasing it’s brand awareness with a focal goal of generating interests around open source technologies. 


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