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Digital Transformation – Cos the Future is already here!

Deepti Dilip J | Director – Marketing & Communications, Ashnik
Singapore, 13 Feb 2018

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For every organisation, their digital transformation journey is unique to themselves – each business with their classified demands take on custom digital solutions in order to achieve their goals. No two digital transformation projects can ever be the same. That’s what makes it so fascinating. The year 2018 will be seeing a gush in businesses globally making impactful changes to their digital operations in an effort to boost customer engagement and make their IT processes effortless and automated.

Technologies like AI are moving so quickly that if users don’t start looking into it now, it may soon be too late, Gartner said in its longest-running conference (Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Conference). “This is not a technology revolution, but a human revolution” said the guest speaker and futurist, Chris Riddell. “The next 3 years will shape the next 100 years as never before.” Gartner says enterprises must embrace digital transformation in 2018 or risk falling behind their competition.

Very recently, China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba’s Group Chairman Jack Ma pledged to help transform the Olympic Games for the digital era as its vision for future Olympics. He said Alibaba would work with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to develop technology for the Games. He also highlighted about its ‘sports brain’ a suite of cloud-based and artificial-intelligence-powered solutions would help drive digital transformation of the Olympics to benefit fans, spectators, athletes, venues and organisers.

Interestingly, an archaic foundation like Bajaj is also now adopting DX by making use of Chatbots to better their end consumer experience while also assisting their own Bajaj Electricals employees to smooth out their everyday tasks. DX is not about just jumping into the race in the hope of winning, its more about sustaining and continuing to stay relevant and in business.

Not just business entities, even nations are getting a digital makeover. And by nations I mean, we the people are directly impacted for good or better!

Singapore is considered as one of the most technologically-advanced nations in the world. It took pole position in the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Networked Readiness Index, which measures how well an economy is using information and communications technologies to boost competitiveness and well-being. And it stood sixth in the 2017 Digital Evolution Index that looks at the progress countries have made in developing their digital economies and integrating connectivity into everyday lives.

In a 2017 Fujitsu Global Digital Transformation survey almost half the business leaders said that the greatest benefit of digital transformation has been a strengthened relationship with their end customers and close of 40% leaders saw increasd revenue and improved efficiency and reduced cost. These are interesting statistics to be in the know of and in case you are interested to glance through, here’s the full report.

Closer home, if you’re looking for specific digital transformation knowledge outlets, Ashnik’s digital transformation series Tech Insights – is a relevant platform that delves deeper into digital solutions and technologies that Asia’s businesses need to turn agile and innovative. Register for the upcoming one that solely focusses on ‘unlocking the power of Realtime Data and discovering Analytics using Elastic. Besides, talks by technical experts, see a live demo on ‘Working with Logs and Realtime Analytics, Machine learning’ and a Customer Panel talk by Standard Chartered and Grab, sharing their experiences and successes with Elastic. Register now for an invite with your preferred location – Singapore or Jakarta.

We are surrounded by Digital needs and the answers lie all in the interesting technologies around us. Understanding it is the need today and embracing is the leap, which is why enterprises today are ready and geared to transform. So stay calm and go digital!


  • As the Marketing and Communications Director, Deepti oversees brand strategies, marketing initiatives and digital platforms at Ashnik for Southeast Asia and India. Drawing inspiration from her advertising experience, she brings to Ashnik her zest for creativity and design. She splits her time between a full-time gig at her job, lots of hobbies and dodging her 4-year old's odd tantrums.

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