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My initiation with open source

Ria Gupta I Executive- Sales, Ashnik
India, 14 Aug 2015

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There are innovations everyday and new technologies take-off, but one technology which has made a difference in our lives is Open Source Model. Even being from a non-technical background, I have felt the strength of this Open Source Model and how powerful it is in today’s world. Many organisations today are adopting Open Source technologies because it gives them choice, and flexibility to plan their IT initiatives to support their business goals.

I started getting to hear about Open Source from my family which comprises of software engineers mostly, working for large organisations. They have seen the adoption of Open Source technology in a big way making difference in enterprise world where one could modify its source, makes changes according to ones need and learn as much about that technology. Today I see young generation coming up with such great innovations in the field of technology, thanks to Open Source community where one can participate, contribute and innovate.

After joining an IT company, I was amazed to learn that many websites which I visit on day to day basis like Wikipedia and browsers like Firefox are running on Open Source technologies making them so user friendly and convenient. Open Source brings an ease in my sales process as it brings transparency in communication with the customers thereby building long term trust. It even helps in clear documentation process, sharing and improving the problems. Clients have an initial array of queries regarding the Open Source technologies varying from problem solving to benefits. As discussion progresses and as they get deeper into this technology they are amazed to see how this model brings efficiency to their business technology and proves to be cost effective.

Open Source concept is all about transparent communication, receiving feedback to help improve the performance internally as well as externally. In present scenario, many applications, web servers, business analytics run on this technology. Open Source is encouraging technocrats globally to bring continuous innovation. Having handled the business development aspect of our company, I see a lot of traction and demand coming from our clients across industries like banks, start-ups, telecommunications and those who are looking for a technology shift from a traditional proprietary software to a new method. Open source is here to stay and for a long time.

Thank you!

– Ria Gupta I Executive- Sales, Ashnik


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