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Our vision for our customers

Ashnik Team
Singapore, 18 Oct 2012

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Recently someone asked me what was my vision for my customer. The spontaneous answer that came out was ‘we want to help our customers to transform their business by leveraging cloud computing and our consulting services’

Increasingly we realize that, embracing cloud computing is not an option anymore for the businesses, question for businesses is not WHY cloud computing, it is simply HOW do we leverage it.

We say this because of the simple fact that through cloud computing you are able to address your business challenges in a much better manner than ever before. Let us look at few areas which matter to business.

Uncertain economic environment : In this situation you want to avoid big Capex investment, if you can, you would rather conserve the cash. When you apply this to IT investment, cloud computing offers you exactly the model you are looking for.

Customer demands, behavior and consumption pattern are changing too fast : To be in sync with or ahead of new trends, you want to track data, get more insight into spending pattern etc so that you can reposition your offering much faster. You need analytics and tools.

Engagement and communication channels with customers and suppliers : You want to have meaningful engagement with the customers, partners and suppliers that goes beyond established relationship and transcends into collaboration for mutual benefits. There are no other tools best suited for this than embracing cloud computing

Supply chain optimization : While you may have supply chain management application, it is the optimization technique that makes the difference in your efficiency. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you could always embrace the cloud based solution to be faster and agile.

The key things is that your business needs to be agile, you need huge analytics capabilities, you need to experiment with new solutions and technology is the differentiator – at such a point – you have to make sure that your teams understand how Cloud computing can give you that edge.


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