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Teletrac Navman’s Innovative IoT Platform Tracks a Half Million Vehicles Worldwide

Jonathan Shafer I Senior Product Customer Marketing Manager, Pentaho
Singapore, 14 Dec 2017

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Teletrac Navman won the 2017 Pentaho Excellence Award for Internet of Things (IoT), a category that recognizes organizations for leveraging data from devices to improve customer engagement, enhance operations and drive new revenue opportunities through machine learning or predictive analytics.


Fleet Management Platform Tracks Enormous Volume and Variety of Data

With 25 years of telematics experience, Teletrac Navman provides advanced data tools for location tracking, fuel monitoring, reporting, safety and compliance. Its powerful fleet management platform is used by 40,000 organizations, in six continents, and tracks more than 500,000 vehicles.

Every minute, Teletrac Navman tracks an enormous volume of data including: driver performance, safety compliance, fuel usage, and diagnostics. The company is devoted to accurately and precisely collecting data securely, by utilizing the strongest protection and controls.

Event and Segment Telematics Data Blended in Unique IoT Platform

Teletrac Navman relies on Pentaho to create a revolutionary IoT platform. It’s the first of its kind to merge two separate IoT platforms—one for event data, and one for segment data.

The Pentaho platform ingests event data which refers to specific processes such as “ignition is turned on/off” data into a single segment. Segment data is then aggregated daily and cleansed. Then it is mapped to dimensional data (by driver and by fleet) so that customers can access and view their data based on fleet and user-level access credentials.

Thanks to Pentaho’s simple drag-and-drop interface, Teletrac Navman’s customers can combine build their own reports and create a single view of data on demand. Most importantly, no developer resources are required.

Single View of IoT Data Responds to New Business Opportunities

With access to so much data, Teletrac Navman is using Pentaho’s real-time processing, predictive and prescriptive analytics to innovate and respond to new customer needs. For example, customers with multiple international operations need a single, global view of their fleet data, not just by individual geographic regions. Teletrac Navman relies on Pentaho to aggregate segments of geographic data into one holistic, global view, helping customers create benchmarks to enhance their worldwide operations.

Jonathan Shafer I Senior Product Customer Marketing Manager, Pentaho


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