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The Ashnik Times – 7 vibrant years of a Rainbow

Kaustubh Patwardhan | Director – SE, Asia & HK, Ashnik
Singapore, 23 Sep 2020

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Knowledge spreads when shared. With the same intent, we started The Ashnik Times, seven years ago. Since its inception, our aim has always been to share insights that we collectively as a team gain through our customer and partner discussions and industry events. The whole team has been holding this uphill task by creating insightful content every month, consistently and broadcasting it to thousands of people out there. This is an important milestone for Ashnik. Special accolades to our marketing team for pursuing this through!

As a contributor and writer to The Ashnik Times, I have enjoyed this journey thoroughly. At times, it has challenged me to think through and bring out my learnings and perspectives by concisely penning them down. I got many opportunities in the last seven years to meet several talented people, committed technologists, and innovative organizations. Interacting with them provided me with enough discerning information to share. And at times, instances like a travel in Singapore’s Satay lane or reading a poem to my son provoked thoughts which gave me unique perspectives worth sharing. My travels in Southeast Asia have taught me so many new things that I could cherish through my blogs. I am grateful to all such colourful and insightful interactions and events.

In the context of business, today we are at an exciting juncture. The last 6-7 months have fast tracked the digital transformation journey for many organizations. Every day, we are discussing new and exciting initiatives with organizations from different industries. Every day is bringing new insights and new perspectives. Even though travel is restricted today, many face-to-face interactions through Zoom or Teams still gives me access to a plethora of knowledge. All these conversations and experiences are helping me generate overwhelming amount of thoughts and innovative ideas that can help organizations and society in meaningful ways. We, at Ashnik, will continue to work on many exciting projects in the days to come. All these innovative developments are set to be a part of our content for the upcoming editions of The Ashnik Times.

As we complete these 7 magnificent years of Ashnik Times, I remember few lines from the poem by Robert Laurence Binyon –

Seven years have flown like seven days,
Like seven days of shining weather,
Since we, forsaking single ways,
Trod earth and faced the skies together.

We will keep bring many more keen and informative articles to all our readers in the coming months and years. Keep looking out for this space. The Ashnik Times rocks!!!


  • Kaustubh Patwardhan is Ashnik’s Director for Southeast Asia (SEA) and Hong Kong. He leads sales, strategy and business development for the region. Kaustubh joined in 2013 and heads Ashnik’s SEA enterprise open source business with responsibility for strategic planning, channels and partners, sales and operations. He has been instrumental in building Ashnik’s culture which is centered on agility and innovation, aligning it to the core ideology of open source itself. Besides playing a key role in Ashnik’s multi-fold sales growth trajectory, his key accomplishments are building a solid partner ecosystem across the region and being highly responsive on customer engagements.

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