| Nov 21, 2019


Top 5 Digital Trends of 2020

Top 5 Digital Trends of 2020 – How open source will play a part!

We are knee-deep in the year’s last quarter and right at the door welcoming 2020 – which is anticipated to be a highly accelerative year. This digital era comes accompanied with new, first-time kind of changes in technology, business, and society. Which needs today’s leaders to look beyond just managing business, focusing on implementing awareness, and adoption of deeply transformative enterprise models, practices and cultures within their teams.
For the past few years, most discussions on oncoming digital trends started to seem a tad monotonous. More like the same ingredients were rearranged to dish-up the same platter. 2020 will be a departure from that, reflecting upon some imminent technology facets.
By now, open source is well established as the place where software innovation happens. Reason why, we see it is further making its mark in some of the key trends we are already experiencing. Ope