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2 technologies that are shaping business transformation

Ashnik Team
Singapore, 23 Oct 2012

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We all know how IT has become center stage of business transformation in last few years. It has its own challenges that are unique and at the same time has opened up new opportunities.

The senior IT executives have to deal with operational and strategic level challenges all the time.  On one hand there are project delivery, cost management, resource management, vendor management issues on the other hand there are other strategic challenges such as aligning IT to business needs, creating a roadmap for business transformation through IT, keep pace with new technologies and protect the bottom line while doing all the above.

 Being in the IT industry for more than 22 years, I am able to understand how challenging it is to satisfy the constant demands from businesses.

I just wanted to share with you two trends that I foresee would be the foundation of enterprise computing (that would replace traditional IT ) and how we can help you.

Open source is one of the key technologies that has shaped the enterprise IT and now shaping the consumer IT. Actually with BYOD kind of trends, the consumer and enterprise IT is converging. I do not have to tell you how Linux, middleware such as JBoss, database such as PostgreSQL have come to become trusted technologies in large enterprises. The major stock exchanges, telecom companies, banks and technologies companies such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce etc, have embraced open source technologies to drive business needs.

We certainly see the bright ‘clouds’ on the horizons, as a new technology that we think would shape the coming few years of IT and business. Cloud computing does not mean putting everything on the public cloud. We certainly see big merits in bringing the cloud computing as a way of managing IT infrastructure inside your data centre. The agility, flexibility and scalability (both – up and down) this model brings, is what all the CIOs and CEOs have been looking for.

 We, as a boutique consulting company are specialized in helping companies bring about business transformation by use of open source and cloud computing technologies.


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