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Capture and Consolidate: Emerging priorities for enterprises

Sachin Dabir | Founder & Director, Ashnik
USA, 9 Jun 2014

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Since the mid of 2013 there is a sense of optimism in enterprises regarding economic recovery. Unlike in the past, now technology platform is the first thing that CXOs turn to to address the business challenges – be its booming economy or declining economy. Booming or positive economic lookout also throws business challenges, albeit of different nature.

What we are observing in past few months are two general trends that represent the fast paced activities in the enterprises, which can be termed as Capture and Consolidate

1. Capture : Rapid data capture mechanism
Speed of application roll out is much faster than yesteryears. The trends like mobile, social, cloud have added new dimensions to enterprise applications. Enterprise versions of many consumer apps is rapidly making inroads and many enterprise apps are taking the form of social media applications. With this kind of almost a frenzy of rolling out applications happening, the data architects in the backend are scrambling to have simple and agile approach to capturing the data in a easy to manage fashion. Hence various approaches to data capture or creating a data store of incoming data are being discussed on a priority basis. One of approaches that we have discussed are use of document store format for capturing the data and then feeding it into operational databases for further use.

2. Consolidate and leverage the immense value of data
At the other end of the spectrum are enterprises who are keen to leverage immense value of data that is generated by enterprises applications. For this purpose they are looking at consolidating various sources of data that is stored in many forms and technologies. Very clearly here the favourite option is to go for document store type data format. Document store format presents many benefits that our team has outlined in its blog many times.

We are glad that our team is excited and fully prepared to work on these priority areas. We would be happy to talk to you and share our experiences in this field.

I am sure you would enjoy reading rest of the updates.

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