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“From Huh…Aha…To Wow….”

Kaustubh Patwardhan, Director I Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Ashnik
Singapore, 8 Sep 2015

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“Aha, now I understand a bit Dad”, said suddenly my 6year old son with his eyes lit up with expression of enthusiasm that only a minute ago seemed unfathomable, wearing an expression on his face that said “Huh, Dad, I am not able to understand what are you blabbering about?”. Examples of Chocolate and Cookies always work with him while teaching simple Maths concepts. After few such delicious examples, he was already on top of the concept and was running all around the home, shouting a loud at everybody, “Wow, I could solve all problems Dad is asking me about.” I had collected one of my “Huh? To Aha… To Wow” moments too.

These days, I do collect such “Huh? To Aha… To Wow” moments in the field of Data Management and Analysis. For Some it’s “Huh” stage – “What to do with such worthless data that our Fitness machine sensors collect, we just dump it off”; For some we turn that into “Aha, I never thought, this sensory data is so much useful. I can actually show the usage pattern of our Fitness machines on dashboard to customers, also generate some monthly Activity reports. That would be certainly beneficial for Health Conscious customers”. But going beyond that, what really would help customers is to transcend that to “Wow, I can actually monetise this as Value Added Service to share Fitness Exercise recommendations and consult on various Health Parameters, Great!!!”.

As it is said, “Beauty lies in the eye of beholder”, same is true for your Data too.

– Kaustubh Patwardhan, Director I Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Ashnik 


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