| Oct 28, 2020


Written by Ashnik Team

Octosum: The Open Source Subscription Management System as a Service

This article was originally published in OSFY.

Ashnik is an enterprise open source solutions and consulting company based in Southeast Asia and India. It recently developed Octosum, an intelligent open source subscription management System as a Service. Sandeep Khuperkar, CTO and Director at Ashnik; Sachin Dabir, CEO and Founder, and Deepti Dilip J., Head and Director of Marketing, participated in an exclusive interaction with Sreejani Bhattacharyya and Niraj Sahay of OSFY to discuss more about this platform.

Octosum is a subscription management system that brings together procurement, compliance, IT and business teams on a unified platform. The Octosum platform from Ashnik is based on years of experience with open source technologies.


Sandeep Khuperkar,
CTO and director at Ashnik

The entire backend of the system is based on open source software too. Sandeep Khuperkar, CTO and director at Ashnik, says that enterprises and vendors face different challenges in managing their open source,subscriptions. “