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Peanuts, Sticks Or Satay

Kaustubh Patwardhan, Director I Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Ashnik
Singapore, 20 Feb 2015

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Just near to our office, there is famous Lau Pa Sat Hawker centre and just besides that there is narrow lane called “Satay Lane”.  In the evening, the lane is full of foodies and buzzes with street-hawkers selling variety of Satay – the local South East Asian delicacy. The charcoal smoke fills the air, and the distinct fragrance of the lemongrass, peanut sauce and the spices add to it. The tender Satays once in mouth give you a nice explosion of spices.  Overall it is an epitome of Satay eating experience. Are these hawkers just selling Satay to you? No, they are selling the ultimate sensory Satay experience. And that’s what matters.

Why I am mentioning above experience of Satay in my article? Very often I do hear the question in my intro meeting with customers, potential partners – “So what business is Ashnik in?” To which, my answer is we are into business of delighting of our customers through our comprehensive solutions approach – A complete sensory experience of our in-depth consulting, expert advice, delivery skills and support for your Business problems related to IT .  By leveraging on our strong open source and data background, we are bringing complete IT solutions and consulting in Business Analytics, BI and Big Data space. We are helping our customers in ASEAN to advice on Enterprise Open source architecture and integrating various components to realise that architecture.

In the nutshell: No, we are not selling you Peanuts or spices separately; No, we are not selling you Meat; No, we are not even selling you the sticks. In fact, we are not selling you anything. But you are buying a complete solution experience from us which will delight you. You are buying an experience of insight which will be with you always. You are buying the ultimate Satay experience when you are working with Ashnik.

– Kaustubh Patwardhan, Director I Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Ashnik 


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