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MongoDB, known for being the best in its class, low cost and reliable NoSQL database solution, is the leading Document based database, empowering businesses to be more agile and scalable. With MongoDB, your data platform is an enabler to your success. Many fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike, all over the world, are embedding MongoDB into their products to deliver new insights, lower TCO, improve customer experiences, and more.

Modern applications today require a modern data platform. Scalability to easily store and manage data at scale, reliability to ensure uninterrupted access to the data, and advanced controls to keep you and your customers secure.

Complete platform independence

Freedom to move between each platform, enabling you to cater to the changing customer needs.

  • On-premises
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Fully managed Cloud Service

Key features

  • Zero-downtime auto-sharding for horizontal scalability
  • 100% service availability through replica set and automated failover
  • Highly flexible JSON based document model
  • Unparalleled programming language support
  • RDBMS like Index support for fast data retrieval
  • Clutter free polymorphic data storage
  • In-memory compute through inbuilt Aggregation Framework and MapReduce
  • Integrated batch processing through Hadoop adapter
  • Economic handling of large media files with GridFS

Being a general purpose, feature-rich NoSQL database, MongoDB presents a realistic opportunity for organisations of all sizes and across all industry sectors to modernize their businesses with strategic solutions ranging from mobile and social interactions through large-scale content-managed sites and platform as service to big data analytics and data hub. The litmus test for its growing popularity is MongoDB’s thriving community of users, developers and value focused partners like Ashnik.

What We offer:

  • Insight-based Consulting Services

      1. Case study development
      2. Feasibility study & pilot project development
      3. Performance fine-tuning & security hardening
      4. Architecture & design Consulting
      5. Integration & Solution Approach


  • Need-based MongoDB Training Services

      1. Public/In-house MongoDB trainings
      2. Certification courses
      3. Project team workshops
      4. Ramp-up knowledge transfer

  • Outcome-based Managed/Application Services

      1. Service strategy, design, transition and operation
      2. Service integration
      3. SLA based Support


  • Value-based Subscription Model Services

      1. Enterprise class support
      2. Timely upgrades, patches
      3. Access to enterprise class tools, management and maintenance


Customer experience is important and essential part of Digital transformation. To get insights from huge piles of data and respond to customer in split seconds, performance and scalability of data storage technologies is becoming an important factor to consider when designing such applications. Mongodb, the hugely versatile Document database, is becoming a go-to database for most of the new-age workloads, be it on-prem or for cloud-native applications.

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