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The ‘Big’ Announcement

Sachin Dabir | Founder & Director, Ashnik
USA, 13 Mar 2014

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“Data beats emotions” – Sean Rad founder of Tinder

Despite the fact that every business likes to take decisions based on data; emotions, sentiments; Gut feel has a big role to play. It was not because data was not available, but mostly because not ALL the data was processed. Outcomes or inferences were based on sample data and hence could be doubted. Statistical methods were deployed to make sense to the sample data, which were a matter of debate and led to different opinions.

But with the emergence of new approach to database design, great strides in processing capabilities, storage systems to store vast amount of data and ability to capture dynamic nature of data enabled the businesses to have insight based on ALL the data which not only finds trends and relations but gives predictive analysis. The new reality is that “More data beats better algorithm”. This is what is the crux of big data trend.

I have talked about this ‘big data’ trend in last few newsletters and customers have asked me, “So, what is Ashnik going to do about it”. Well, we have not just talked about it, but we have taken concrete steps to bring Big Data solutions for our customers. We, at Ashnik are extremely delighted to announce our partnership with MongoDB.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database, empowering businesses to be more agile and scalable. Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike are using MongoDB to create new types of applications, improve customer experience, accelerate time to market and reduce costs.

Recognising Ashnik’s focus on bringing key open source solutions to the market and skillsets that we have developed, MongoDB has appointed Ashnik as its Advanced Partner for South East Asia and India region. We are working closely with MongoDB’s technical and sales team to build capabilities so that we can help our customers leverage the power of big data and grow their businesses’ rapidly.

In this newsletter, you will get to hear from our team about Big Data and some insights into customer requirements. Also, we have a special guest column from Rohit Rai – Director of FSI, India and South East Asia talking about MongoDB, explaining what exactly is Big Data.

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  • Sachin is veteran in IT industry and brings over 25 years of experience in setting up new businesses, leading high performance sales teams and executing growth strategies. He is passionate about open source and is an acknowledged leader in open source in Asia. As a founder of Ashnik he is leading the growth initiatives and taking Ashnik global. His stints in Asia, UK and USA enables him to bring unique perspective to entrepreneurship and life. His interests in writing, reading and mentoring makes him an excellent networker. Currently he is learning to be a patient father to teenage sons and striving to be a good husband.

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