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The IT industry is notorious for creating buzzwords, a lot of noise, marketing material, research papers about predictions often times. Since I have been long enough in the industry, I can comfortably say that more trends or predictions have been created than actually delivered. At the outset, Big Data seemed to be one among that. The discussions seemed to touch an unusual high in 2013 and surprisingly continues to dominate the discourse, now in conjunction with ‘digital transformation’. I must admit, […]

Durian and Big Data – Does that sound correct? You might wonder what is the relationship of Durian and Big Data. Apart from both these things appearing exotic, is there anything else? But yes, you read it correctly – the world of Durian is changing by application of Big Data concepts.  In my latest visit to Malaysia, I came across the case how one of our partners in Malaysia is transforming Durian Supply Chain Management by application of Big Data. The […]