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It’s been over five years since Pentaho’s CTO, James Dixon coined the now-ubiquitous term data lake in his blog. His metaphor contrasted bottled water which is cleansed and packaged for easy consumption with the natural state of the water source – unstructured, uncleansed, and un-adulterated. The data lake represents the entire universe of available data before any transformation has been applied to it. Data isn’t compromised by giving it undue context in order to fit it into existing structures, which could potentially compromise its utility […]

In my last article, I discussed about some key challenges that I realized are more pertinent and wide spread in varied Big Data Strategy implementations. Those included having a relevant business case, misconception about “Big” in Big Data and Hadoop and confusion on choosing the right technology. In this sequel, I will be highlighting a few more challenges in the same context: 1)      Getting entangled in Data Governance It is a well-known fact that the value of the data for any […]

Recently, as a speaker in Big Data World Show in Malaysia, I had an opportunity to meet diverse range of customers across all industries. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and curiosity about Big Data. However, after talking to many of them, I noticed that there was more than just the curiosity. The air was pregnant with uncertainties and concerns on implementation of Big Data Strategies. The “Big” part of Big Data is acting like a double edged sword. On one […]

  6 Oct – 7 Oct 2015: At the largest Enterprise Technology Show in Malaysia, Ashnik and Pentaho to present ‘Big Data Blueprint for Enterprises’. The BIGIT Technology Show Malaysia 2015 strings together expert views on how Big Data is shaping the Enterprise landscape in SEA. With the aggressive growth of Big Data now, the focus has been driven to understand the concept of Big Data as a powerful tool in valuing data and making the most out of it. This conference […]