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I often come across a debate amongst techies about ‘speed vs relevance’ while they are building search/ retrieval information applications. It is an important consideration for this kind of an application. However, there is no single answer to it. I am going to share how I approach this challenge. I start by asking 2 questions: How long do you wait on a page if you are searching for something and waiting for the result? Few secs, few milliseconds? No, we are […]

Today, our parent company Hitachi, a global leader across industries, infrastructure and technology, announced the formation of Hitachi Vantara, a company whose aim is to help organizations thrive in today’s uncertain and turbulent times and prepare for the future. This new company unifies the mission and operations of Pentaho, Hitachi Data Systems and Hitachi Insight Group into a single business as Hitachi Vantara. Together, we give business leaders an advantage to find and use the value in their data, innovate intelligently and […]

In a March blog post I talked about the mismatch between what people expect from Postgres in terms of hints, and what exists. In this blog post I would like to cover the more general case of when people should expect feature parity with their previous database, and when such expectations are unreasonable. First, imagine if every database had the features of every other database — that would be great for compatibility but terrible for usability. You would have so many ways of […]

Big Data isn’t just another sham or fad that has emerged recently but rather if employed appropriately, it is a crucial component of the digital transformation journey of every enterprise. It plays a vital role in various innovative exercises that these enterprise undertake to obtain an edge – from getting insights into customer behavior to making important decisions around product features or charting out an effective go-to-market strategy. Most CIOs when asked about their Big Data strategy will have convincing answers […]

Streaming replication in PostgreSQL can be asynchronous or synchronous. The synchronous option provides greater data protection in case of disaster, or if a server or data center goes down. Synchronous replication does come with a performance penalty, which is why many people use the default asynchronous option if losing some data in case of disaster is not a big issue. For any application such as a financial application that cannot tolerate any data loss, synchronous replication is the answer. Synchronous replication […]

Today, Pentaho delivered Pentaho Business Analytics 7.1. The team has been working extremely hard on this release and in our eyes, it is much more than just a ‘dot’ release. Highlights of this release include: adaptive execution on any engine for big data processing, starting with Spark; expanded cloud integration with Microsoft Azure; enterprise-level security for Hortonworks, and improved in-line visualizations. One of the areas that I am most excited about is our new support for Microsoft Azure’s HDInsight and Azure […]

Last month (in September, 2016) Ashnik hosted its inaugural “Big Data Talk – Transformation Series” event in Singapore. The series has been designed to highlight key big data technologies that are shaping customer’s businesses. Though the interactive talks it aims to help enterprises walk away with actionable insights . The first in the series was brought in association with EnterpriseDB. Technology professionals from Singapore and Philippines who attended the event had fruitful interactions with Ashnik and EnterpriseDB’s experts. On one hand, […]