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Durian and Big Data – Does that sound correct? You might wonder what is the relationship of Durian and Big Data. Apart from both these things appearing exotic, is there anything else? But yes, you read it correctly – the world of Durian is changing by application of Big Data concepts.  In my latest visit to Malaysia, I came across the case how one of our partners in Malaysia is transforming Durian Supply Chain Management by application of Big Data. The […]

As we are entering the new year, I would like to stop for a while and look back at the last year and capture some of the business trends that we are seeing in the market – 1. Open Source is no longer optional Gone are the days where businesses used to look at open source technologies with suspicion. Thanks to strong open source communities, strong open source based enterprises and strong products based on those. More importantly, these open source […]

In my last article, I discussed about some key challenges that I realized are more pertinent and wide spread in varied Big Data Strategy implementations. Those included having a relevant business case, misconception about “Big” in Big Data and Hadoop and confusion on choosing the right technology. In this sequel, I will be highlighting a few more challenges in the same context: 1)      Getting entangled in Data Governance It is a well-known fact that the value of the data for any […]