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Financial Services Institutions Look to Open Source Today’s financial services institutions must innovate and evolve their technology to remain competitive during a time of great disruption. The need for rapid innovation and increasing digitalization is shining a light on the IT complexity many financial services institutions now face — untangling years of layered legacy systems. Legacy IT systems dominate many large financial services institutions, and it is safe to say that highly customized applications are a major issue. Many financial services […]

You must be hearing the term Polyglot Persistence quite often. So I thought, why not take our readers through what exactly it is, the role it plays and more. Let’s start with the basics – Polyglot Persistence is the idea of using various, right-fitting databases to store data for either single or multiple applications. In the new-age world, most applications need to connect with multiple databases; and each with different types of data stored in different ways. This is where Polyglot […]

Use case: Mobile Application with offline first approach One of Ashnik’s customers – a top Insurance company in Asia was looking to develop a mobile application with online & offline capabilities. The needs being: To enable the field agents to access their customers’ insurance related information for read and offline operations Subsequently, sync all the insurance related customer data, captured by the field agents while being offline, back to the data centre  – when the device goes online later The Goal of the […]

Recently I met some of our customers in South East Asia region. Meetings were mostly to understand their business challenges/requirements and to help them come up with solution to overcome those challenges. Most of the time customers were interested to know more about capabilities of PostgreSQL database and how it could be leveraged more effectively for running business critical application workload. Though cost has been one of the starting factors for organizations to consider moving to PostgreSQL database but very soon […]

We keep having so many conversations with our customers, technology associates and regional partners across various geographies, and no discussion is really different. It commonly revolves around the need of different types of databases and the different data-models. For starters, an ISV vendor who is currently using a noSQL store to store unstructured data for events form sensors (in JSON format); wanted to know if that can actually be merged with relational data and stored together in a relational database. I […]

Recently, I have come across numerous situations where-in the organizations were considering to move from proprietary RDBMS system to Postgres. While they are willing to move to open source databases, they  are  sceptical whether PostgreSQL will be able to meet their specific requirements which are currently being taken care of by their existing proprietary RDBMS database. On my journey from Oracle to Postgres, I have noticed the immense enthusiasm in the Postgres community worldwide to help organization relalise the benefits of open source. I will […]

Last month I got a chance to meet and interview Bruce Momjian, a core member of PostgreSQL community and Senior Database Architect at EnterpriseDB. He was in Singapore for pgDay Asia 2016 and FOSSASIA 2016. I got a chance to spend a good amount of time with him and discuss various aspects of Postgres development and adoption. He was quite excited to be in South East Asia for the first time and appreciative of efforts by Ashnik for “getting Postgres started in […]

To say the database market is evolving would be a gross understatement. New data types and sophisticated new analytic requirements, combined with increasing pressure to lower costs without sacrificing functionality is ushering in an era of great change and great opportunity in the database market. And today’s customers are taking advantage of that change. With such a wide range of new and innovative platforms on the market, customers are increasingly seeking efficiency not by consolidating around a single database, as they […]

These days buzz is all about Big Data. But where is my data and what happened to database technology? Ain’t all the business critical applications powered by database? In terms of importance for the business continuity, it is the database technology that is carrying the day. Till recently, picking up database for your applications was fairly easy. Though there are choices to be made from among the database vendors, they were all within the same category of RDBMS. Application design and […]

Today businesses are engaging with customers in a variety of ways, on variety of platforms to make products and services available in ‘Always ON’ mode, be it a B2C or B2B business. Customers and consumers alike are becoming more demanding in terms of the interface they use to interact with businesses – They want an intuitive, light-weight, seamless experience across devices, up-to-date and secure interface to deal with businesses. But that puts businesses in lot of pressure where they have to […]