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A few short years ago, I recall attending a conference where the goal was to title your presentation with the word “Docker” in as many times as possible. This was a guaranteed way to generate buzz, because containers were a hype machine. And, although everyone was very hyped about containers at the time, few knew what they actually were. Yet, for all the buzz and perceived complexity, containers were actually a fairly simple concept. They packaged all the software, executables, and […]

Introduction: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) helps to uncover the underlying structure of data and its dynamics through which we can maximize the insights. EDA is also critical to extract important variables and to detect outliers and anomalies. Even though there are many algorithms in Machine Learning, EDA is one of the most critical parts to understand and drive the business. In this part of the article, I am going to talk about installation and configuration of Elasticsearch and Kibana with an […]

I often come across a debate amongst techies about ‘speed vs relevance’ while they are building search/ retrieval information applications. It is an important consideration for this kind of an application. However, there is no single answer to it. I am going to share how I approach this challenge. I start by asking 2 questions: How long do you wait on a page if you are searching for something and waiting for the result? Few secs, few milliseconds? No, we are […]

Well, many of you would wonder why this question is being raised again. Considering that open source has been around for over 25 years and has been an integral part of your enterprise software needs. You might even be thinking, ‘does it matter if it is open source or not, since everything I am consuming is a cloud-based service’. The common thread in these arguments is that enterprises have started taking open source software for granted and it has become an […]

Ashnik and Docker hosted a 2-hour technical update workshop on Docker. This session focused on the highlighting features of Docker and a deep dive into technical updates accompanied by a live demo. Workshop covered: Running Kubernetes & Swarm clusters side by side Exciting features of DTR 2.5 Scaling CI/CD with Docker at Enterprise grade

Ashnik hosted the NGINX Leaders – CEO, Gus Robertson, and Head of Products, Owen Garrett on 23rd April in Singapore over a meet and greet session. The session kicked off with a welcome note from Norbert Kiss, Head of APAC, NGINX. Followed by the Past, Present, and Future of NGINX by Gus Robertson and how NGINX Application platform is powering load balancers, microservices and API gateways by Owen Garrett, Head of Product at NGINX.

Southeast Asia is becoming a focal point for the ongoing digital transformation wave amongst the emerging markets. More than half of Southeast Asia’s population now uses the internet, with the number of internet users in the region growing by 30 to 40 percent year on year. Digital transformation of economy and society has accelerated greatly; and emerging economies are increasingly using digital technologies to forge ahead in areas like e-commerce, banking and healthcare and other public services. As, we the people […]

Ashnik hosted Asia Pacific’s largest PostgreSQL event. PGConf APAC aims to create a platform for the developer community to network, exchange ideas, and get better equipped on PostgreSQL. The event kicked off with a keynote from Joe Conway (flying in all the way from USA!), who talked about the features to look forward to in PostgreSQL 11. The release is currently scheduled for September 2018. This was followed by 8 talks on the first day and 7 talks on the second day. We […]

PRESS RELEASE PGConf APAC has announced its third user conference, which will be held on March 22–23, 2018 in Singapore. Ashnik is proud to be the Host Partner for Asia Pacific’s largest PostgreSQL event. PGConf APAC aims to create a platform for the developer community to network, exchange ideas, and get better equipped on PostgreSQL. “This event is a part of the effort to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and knowledge to enhance PostgreSQL adoption in the Asia Pacific. […]

Tech Insights Jakarta, 8 March 2018 After 3 successful series in Singapore, Ashnik took Tech Insights to Jakarta. The first series of Tech Insights took place on 8th  March at Hotel Mulia Senayan which was led by senior business and data technology associates from Ashnik and Elastic in association with ITG Indonesia, sharing strategic-level insights into what enterprise leaders should do to explore the ‘Power of Real-time Data Analytics’ and join the path to Data Transformation. The highlights of Tech Insights, […]