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Recently I met some of our customers in South East Asia region. Meetings were mostly to understand their business challenges/requirements and to help them come up with solution to overcome those challenges. Most of the time customers were interested to know more about capabilities of PostgreSQL database and how it could be leveraged more effectively for running business critical application workload. Though cost has been one of the starting factors for organizations to consider moving to PostgreSQL database but very soon […]

Recently, I have come across numerous situations where-in the organizations were considering to move from proprietary RDBMS system to Postgres. While they are willing to move to open source databases, they  are  sceptical whether PostgreSQL will be able to meet their specific requirements which are currently being taken care of by their existing proprietary RDBMS database. On my journey from Oracle to Postgres, I have noticed the immense enthusiasm in the Postgres community worldwide to help organization relalise the benefits of open source. I will […]

Oracle is forcing SE customers to possibly buy new hardware and reconfigure their applications; suffer potential performance degradation; and face enormous cost increases for upgrading to Enterprise Edition – if they exceed license restrictions either now or in the future. Recently, Oracle has eliminated SE and SE1 database license options beginning with its release and replaced them with a new version called Oracle SE2. SE2 will cost 20% more than SE1, and while the same price as SE, it will […]

This is the time of the year when as usual there would be predictions for coming year, there would be lot of discussion about upcoming trends and as usual you – the CIOs – would be under pressure to actively consider these technologies to look good in front of your contemporaries and board members. At the same time, you would have gone through or might be going through some painful exercise of annual budgeting, trying to carve out dollars for these […]

Ashnik at the RH Forum 2015, Singapore: Ashnik partnered with EDB for the Red Hat Forum in Singapore 2015. With our expertise and OS enterprise tools for successful Oracle migration, we were a part of the Forum this October 2015. A live snippet from the event – Seen here is EDB’s Erik Baardse talking on PostgreSQL as an excellent tool for Oracle Migration and other offerings at the RH forum this October.