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Date: 1st February 2017 | 2.00 – 2.30 PM IST | 4:30 – 5:00 PM SGT Cloud – Private or Public cloud – has become default platform for developing and deploying business critical applications. We find that more and more customers are moving their databases too on the cloud platform.  When you move to Cloud as a platform some of the usual infrastructure approaches do not hold true e.g. a floating IP is not allocated at network level but ​usually is assigned to a […]

Press Release Date: Jan 7, 2016 Performs 96% faster than v9.4 in benchmark tests EnterpriseDB® (EDB™), the leading enterprise Postgres database company, today announced the general availability of PostgreSQL 9.5, released by the Postgres community. The new 9.5 version boosts performance and scalability, enhances productivity with data analytics, and improves integration with other database solutions, laying the groundwork for supporting horizontal scaling across multiple servers. TWEET:  #PostgreSQL new v9.5, world’s most adv #opensource #DB for #enterprise, boosts perf, productivity, integration #analytics http://bit.ly/1S4m0Xa […]