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Big Data isn’t just another sham or fad that has emerged recently but rather if employed appropriately, it is a crucial component of the digital transformation journey of every enterprise. It plays a vital role in various innovative exercises that these enterprise undertake to obtain an edge – from getting insights into customer behavior to making important decisions around product features or charting out an effective go-to-market strategy. Most CIOs when asked about their Big Data strategy will have convincing answers […]

“How big are you?” My team tells me that this is most frequently asked question during initial meetings with customers- and a perfectly valid one. A customer looking for a partnership wants to know more about us, and they rightfully should. I’ve answered such questions countless times throughout my professional career. The typically answers involved the number of people in the company, revenue, geographic spread, etc. Were customers entirely satisfied? Yes and no. They received basic information they asked for, yes. But […]

Big Data Platform – the name creates an imagery of big fat servers with GBs of memory, TBs of hard disk space, and expensive computing resources. It is being imagined as a very high bandwidth network with multiple data sources, Terabytes and Petabytes of data, data load mechanism, data churning algorithms, batch jobs, data scientists and so on. At times, it sounds scary – especially when you have been tasked at evaluating and preparing a plan for your organization’s Big Data […]

“We knew what was happening: where we failed was in applying our knowledge effectively…”Before I tell who said this and in what context, let us reflect on this quote some more time. We find many organisations in a similar situation or similar mindset i.e. not taking (enough) action even when they know they have to. Especially when we talk about Cloud and Big Data technologies to organisations, we find that they are ready to talk, engage but are not ready to […]

The IT industry is notorious for creating buzzwords, a lot of noise, marketing material, research papers about predictions often times. Since I have been long enough in the industry, I can comfortably say that more trends or predictions have been created than actually delivered. At the outset, Big Data seemed to be one among that. The discussions seemed to touch an unusual high in 2013 and surprisingly continues to dominate the discourse, now in conjunction with ‘digital transformation’. I must admit, […]

PokemonGo is no more a child’s play. There are over 21 million Daily Active Users just in the USA, claims surveymonkey. Within the first week of its launch, it continues to pull people of all age groups into it. And the downside is, it is pulling down the servers due to overload. It already has surpassed Twitter and Tinder in terms of number of users. And all these initial users numbers are coming from just few countries where PokemonGo has been released until now. Imagine […]

While talking about and planning for Digital Transformation, we have covered lot of elements of enterprise side of the IT. There is one more important aspect that is an integral part of Digital Transformation, and that is role of social media. Most enterprise IT product and technology vendors would not talk about it, but as IT solution provider, now a days, we see intersection of social media with enterprise IT quite a lot. Hence I decided to talk about it. Just […]

Recently, during my visit to India, I met senior executive of HR department of one of the top 10 public sector companies in India. He told me about the key initiatives his department has taken to establish better bond between management team and employees. I got interested in his story when he told me how he deployed a mobile app. The mobile app streams songs and short interviews with the management team which are aired in between. This gives a fun […]

These days buzz is all about Big Data. But where is my data and what happened to database technology? Ain’t all the business critical applications powered by database? In terms of importance for the business continuity, it is the database technology that is carrying the day. Till recently, picking up database for your applications was fairly easy. Though there are choices to be made from among the database vendors, they were all within the same category of RDBMS. Application design and […]

The industry and businesses have gone through some high impact technology waves – such as MRP, ERP, client server architecture, Internet, 3 tier architecture, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud etc. Impact of these technologies or waves have largely transformed organization’s internal processes and IT architecture. In other words, businesses have responded to the technological developments and adopted them to improve their business parameters. However, what we are witnessing now is a totally different paradigm. While businesses continue to adopt these technologies and try […]