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Last month I got a chance to meet and interview Bruce Momjian, a core member of PostgreSQL community and Senior Database Architect at EnterpriseDB. He was in Singapore for pgDay Asia 2016 and FOSSASIA 2016. I got a chance to spend a good amount of time with him and discuss various aspects of Postgres development and adoption. He was quite excited to be in South East Asia for the first time and appreciative of efforts by Ashnik for “getting Postgres started in […]

Last year our team was quite busy assisting our customers on some varied technical assignments. Engagements ranged from consulting on highly scalable web-centric applications to designing Big Data solution to implementation of highly available database and web-infrastructure. During these engagements we saw that some database trends were quite dominant viz the adoption of Big Data, need to store unstructured data, scalable web facing application etc. The engagements and discussions we had last year left us pondering about where does it go […]

There is something really exciting happening in PostgreSQL world. Recently with this patch commit: cb1ca4d800621dcae67ca6c799006de99fa4f0a5 in PostgreSQL/Allow foreign tables to participate in inheritance  Tom Lane pushed an important piece of work in Postgres (by Shigeru Hanada and Etsuro Fujita). The change means that now you will be able to create a foreign table which participates in inheritance hierarchy. PostgreSQL already facilitates table partitioning and partition pruning via table inheritance. Now the same can be extended to Foreign Tables, i.e. you can […]