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2017 is over and 2018 is here! Wishing all of you out there reading this piece, a very happy new year. May the new year be full of compliances, cost-saving, increased profitability, increased customer satisfaction, big budgets small-spending, path breaking initiatives for you. That pretty much sums up everything good that can happen in our current economy, isn’t it? If you take a step aside and look at it, you realise that the new age economy revolves around software, data, mobility, […]

And here I am, back to writing and this time it is about Cloud. Today, it is an undisputable fact that whether you are a start-up or a mid-level or a behemoth, Cloud is the way forward. Hence, what better than sponsoring Asia’s largest and best-attended cloud event for business, Cloud Expo Asia (CEA) in Singapore. We along with Docker, were silver sponsors for this mammoth Cloud event that took place in October. We work with enterprises large and not-so-large across […]

Exhausted from a busy day at the field with back to back customer meetings, our whole team headed for the newly opened Kopitiam across our office building. The scorching sun made even a little walk to our usual joint at Lau Pa Sat little impractical, particularly on a hot humid day. A smiling, warm face welcomed us all to the Coffee shop, asked us our names and specific choices of caffeine for our drained systems. The next day happened to be […]

This year, Red Hat Forum is celebrating individuals, explorers and the builders. Ashnik is joining them in recognizing the unsung heroes of the server room, the doers who keep the enterprises running. The theme of this year’s forum is ‘The Impact of the Individual’. Ashnik along with EDB Postgres is proud to be Gold Sponsors at the Red Hat Forum 2017, Singapore on 26th September and Jakarta on 28th September. We will be presenting on ‘How to transform your DBMS to […]

First of all, let me tell you what EDB BART is? It’s a backup and recovery feature exclusively launched by EDB Postgres in 2014 to eliminate the human errors occurred during any backup processes. EDB BART was built on the pg_basebackup which allows us to take complete hot physical backups of the PostgreSQL or PPAS databases. EDB has been continuously improvising the tool to make it customer friendly. In 2016, EDB enhanced and released BART with usability and performance features like […]

Open source is future, they say. In more ways than one it stands absolutely true. It has been well accepted across industries since ages but a lot of enterprises took time to open up to open source. Today however, there is an overwhelming response from banking, insurance & retail enterprises to embrace open source tools and technologies to solve their business problems. Very recently, we delivered 2 projects for one of Singapore’s top Insurance companies. We were able to provide the […]

In a March blog post I talked about the mismatch between what people expect from Postgres in terms of hints, and what exists. In this blog post I would like to cover the more general case of when people should expect feature parity with their previous database, and when such expectations are unreasonable. First, imagine if every database had the features of every other database — that would be great for compatibility but terrible for usability. You would have so many ways of […]

We are excited to share the new release of Docker Enterprise Edition. By supporting IBM Z and Windows Server 2016, this release puts us further in the lead with the first Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution in the market for the modernization of all applications without disruption to you and your IT environment. Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 17.06 embraces Windows, Linux and Linux-based mainframe applications, bringing the key benefits of CaaS to the enterprise application portfolio. Most enterprises manage a diverse set of applications that includes […]

During a chat with a senior executive of one of Europe’s largest auto majors, we talked about how our ongoing discussion on Docker is a part of and would help enable making driverless trucks a reality by 2020 using telematics. What was only a concept until sometime ago, is becoming a reality sooner that we thought. This piqued my interest to find out more about AI and this article aims to shed some light on it. What is AI? Wikipedia states […]

Stories from South East Asia Singapore’s Changi Airport T4 will be opening later this year. It is supposed to be less than half the size of Terminal 3, but expected to handle almost equivalent amount of traffic. It is designed to offer all travelers with state-of-the-art automated processes. And all this with 20% less workforce! In another instance, on July 28th 2017, Cheers launched its 1stunmanned, cashless store in Singapore. The store will also utilize data and video analytics to analyse purchasing behavior and […]