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While designing a database system most of the time you have to pick a compromise between availability, durability, performance and cost. Most of the time system design prefers being fast by default, thereby leaving a question about its durability need. Postgres community has a different approach to this problem. Postgres does have several options that can be used for performance gains while maintaining the durability aspect. A combination of Postgres features like synchronous replication and EDB’s Failover Manager is one of […]

Earlier in April I was in Brooklyn attending pgConf US, one of the largest Postgres conferences on the planet. It was a great chance to get an hands of experience of attending and learning about how large conferences. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet various contributors, developers and committers of PostgreSQL Community. I had an invitation from the organizing committee to moderate the panel discussion on Modern Data Management for Enterprises. The panel had representation from popular noSQL technologies, managed database […]