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The explosion in data created by mobile devices, the Internet of Things and social media are causing governing bodies worldwide to find new ways to accommodate and harness information productively. Doing this requires the ability to scale data management infrastructure significantly as well as the agility to add to and adjust deployments nimbly to meet ongoing demands. Commercial data management software with its high license and maintenance costs and vendor lock-in makes it difficult for government IT managers to effectively meet […]

Oracle is forcing SE customers to possibly buy new hardware and reconfigure their applications; suffer potential performance degradation; and face enormous cost increases for upgrading to Enterprise Edition – if they exceed license restrictions either now or in the future. Recently, Oracle has eliminated SE and SE1 database license options beginning with its release and replaced them with a new version called Oracle SE2. SE2 will cost 20% more than SE1, and while the same price as SE, it will […]

Database migrations from closed source to open source have become a particularly hot topic recently as I have been asked by customers, analysts, investors (and a few competitors!) what’s driving the accelerated changes in enterprise and government IT departments. We have been both pursuing and pushing this change to Postgres for over 10 years now, so migration is not new to us at EDB (we and our customers have long thought it was “hot” to displace Oracle and the big DB […]

Over the last few weeks, we have been getting many queries on Oracle Migration and Oracle Replacement. Some of those queries were specific about migrating the Oracle database to a more cost effective option- Postgres Plus Advanced Server and some other queries were about strategic initiatives of replacing Oracle in their Data centres. We have always been getting inquiries from customers who want to significantly reduce cost of Oracle and SQL Server database in their Data Centres, but this sudden surge was […]