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Recently I met some of our customers in South East Asia region. Meetings were mostly to understand their business challenges/requirements and to help them come up with solution to overcome those challenges. Most of the time customers were interested to know more about capabilities of PostgreSQL database and how it could be leveraged more effectively for running business critical application workload. Though cost has been one of the starting factors for organizations to consider moving to PostgreSQL database but very soon […]

Cloud is already a key IT platform for large enterprises and database in cloud will be the next big leap. Most of the new age companies who started operations in the last decade have already reaped the benefits of database in a cloud environment or Database-as-a-Service. But there has been some resistance at certain enterprise levels, when it comes to putting database in Cloud. We can feel this resistance whenever there is a discussion about cloud adoption with enterprises in retail, banking, […]

We keep having so many conversations with our customers, technology associates and regional partners across various geographies, and no discussion is really different. It commonly revolves around the need of different types of databases and the different data-models. For starters, an ISV vendor who is currently using a noSQL store to store unstructured data for events form sensors (in JSON format); wanted to know if that can actually be merged with relational data and stored together in a relational database. I […]

Recently, I have come across numerous situations where-in the organizations were considering to move from proprietary RDBMS system to Postgres. While they are willing to move to open source databases, they  are  sceptical whether PostgreSQL will be able to meet their specific requirements which are currently being taken care of by their existing proprietary RDBMS database. On my journey from Oracle to Postgres, I have noticed the immense enthusiasm in the Postgres community worldwide to help organization relalise the benefits of open source. I will […]

Last year our team was quite busy assisting our customers on some varied technical assignments. Engagements ranged from consulting on highly scalable web-centric applications to designing Big Data solution to implementation of highly available database and web-infrastructure. During these engagements we saw that some database trends were quite dominant viz the adoption of Big Data, need to store unstructured data, scalable web facing application etc. The engagements and discussions we had last year left us pondering about where does it go […]

Lately, I have been little busy travelling around SEA and India, working with customers and SIs who are designing new age web-scale applications. These applications include stock trading platform, payment gateway, mobile banking solution, telecom VAS solutions, real time health/activity tracking system, e-commerce delivery platform etc. Not only these systems are mission critical or business critical, they share few more common traits. The requirements and design of these applications has a lot of resemblance and similarities. Below are some of the […]

My life has always been around music, arts, social life, travelling and little bit technology. It may sound like a cliché, it’s probably my truth. I was not aware of this advancement in technology until I joined Ashnik. I come from a marketing background with less than two years of experience. For people like me, the approach towards work is what really matters. The technologies, products and services which I am marketing day to day are changing at an accelerating rate. […]

Not quite recently MongoDB 3.0 was released! This release has come after v2.6 and is said to be one of the milestone releases with a lot of great set of changes going into it. Yes, you read it right! Since 2.6. Well like everyone, even our team was so excite about MongoDB 2.8. But then it just disappeared from everywhere! All of a sudden everyone was talking about MongoDB 3.0. We were also surprised and were wondering what happened to MongoDB 2.8? What […]

Big Data is becoming mainstream initiative in organizations around the globe. With exploding growth in data volumes and availability of data from multiple sources organizations are looking to leverage it to improve various business performance. The key steps in initiating big data plan are capture, store, sort, share, analyze, and visualize the data. Emerging technologies like NoSQL DB and Hadoop along with the analytics tools are changing the way organizations are  handling data and analysing it compared to the past. Big Data initiative […]

Big Data and Analytics market is expected to be huge $125 billion. This is good news for the industry. This implies that CIOs would be siting on big additional budgets to spend. But if you look at some other reports such as the one from CFO.com it tells a different story – the ground reality about CIO budgets. According to this report CIO budgets are growing at a very modest rate. So the key question is how are CIOs going to find money for these […]